Korean Government Health Insurance

While you are teaching in Korea you are obliged to pay for government Health Insurance. Half of the health insurance cost comes directly from your wages every month and half is paid by your Employer.  It is important that you understand exactly what this covers:  By paying your health insurance you are entitled to use the Korean health care system if you become ill. Koreans pay to see a doctor and for prescriptions.  With this insurance you will pay the same rate for these as a Korean person would.


This health insurance It is not a policy that will pay out if you have an accident or become seriously ill. You will still have to pay for treatment and prescriptions. The costs are generally affordable unless you require serious medical attention or a hospital stay - in which case you could soon be faced with a very high medical bill. Therefore while purchasing travel insurance is not a legal requirement it is Highly Advisable.



Travel Insurance

When choosing a policy make sure you are covered for at least 12 months and are able to renew the policy from outside your home country. Most Flying Cows people do not go straight home after completing their initial 12 month contract.  They either stay on in Korea or go travelling.  Many Insurance companies do not allow you to extend your policy if you are not in your home country.


Travel Insurance can cover you against any (or all!) of the following:

1. Medical Emergencies

2. Repatriation back to your home country

3. Travel cancellation and curtailment

4. Lost or stolen baggage

5. Lost or stolen cash/identification



Long Stay Travel Insurance

Flying Cows is working in partnership with the ONLY Long Stay travel insurance specialists in the UK whose focus is on student and post-graduate travellers. These travel insurance schemes run for your choice of one to twelve months inclusive and plans can be extended as required.  One-way travel insurance is available for those choosing to emigrate from the UK.


Comprehensive (Excel) Travel Insurance

This insurance is designed to provide more comprehensive levels of cover.


Basic Travel Insurance

This insurance is a cost-effective alternative and includes the three main sections of cover applicable to all claims.


Click here for more information, to get a quote and to purchase Long Stay Travel Insurance.