Toiletries and Make Up

You will have no problems finding these in Korea. In some of the smaller towns though it can be difficult to buy deodorant.



The food is different in Korea. You will find that you miss food from home from time to time. However, in Korea you are never too far away from a Pizza Hut or MacDonalds. A quick survey of the Flying Cows office has revealed that the things we missed most were; cheese, British tea, nice bread (you can find it in Korea just not easily sometimes), Cadbury's chocolate (that also can be found if you look hard enough), marmite, brown sauce, Walkers salt and vinegar crisps, decent beer and a nice sandwich!

If you miss UK delicacies such as sausages, pies and sausage rolls Click Here for a Taste of Scotland in Seoul!!


Reading Material

It can be difficult and/or expensive to find magazines in English. There are large bookstores in Seoul and other large cities and of course there is always Amazon!



There are four seasons in Korea.  The summers are very hot and humid and there is a monsoon season. In the winter it is cold enough for ski-ing in parts of Korea. Spring and summer quite, warm and mild.  Keep this in mind when you are packing.  You either need to take enough clothes for all seasons or buy new ones in Korea. Having said that, Koreans are generally smaller than westerners therefore finding clothing to fit can be problematic if you are taller and/or or a large build.  In general, clothes shopping in Korea may be annoying but it is not impossible. Shopping in larger cities usually offers far more options as does Internet shopping.



Bringing a gift for your director or to your school is not expected but it is a nice gesture.   Some biscuits from your home country or sweets to share out at school is a good idea.  It is also a good idea to ask your fellow native English speaking teachers if they want you to take them anything from home - this is a sure fire way of making friends instantly!


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