It is increasingly difficult to find well paid teaching positions at trustworthy schools overseas. As the market for jobs in Korea gets tougher many Flying Cows applicants are turning to China.


So, Why China?


Cost of Living

The cost of living is generally very low in China. You will find that your money will go a long way.



Apartments tend to be very spacious with high ceilings and large living areas.


Working Hours

You can expect to work 10-25 hours a week. This allows teachers free time to travel, learn about the culture, and pursue hobbies and interests.


Saving Money

China has rapidly caught up with other ESL markets. Many teachers are now able to save more than graduate teachers in their native-English speaking countries.


Visa Application

Collecting visa documentation is a lot easier for China than for other countries in Asia and can be completed relatively quickly too. Although Criminal Background Checks aren’t required for a lot of China teaching jobs, many of our client schools request them. We expect this will become standard throughout the country within the next few years.


'Couple' Jobs

There are a lot of couple positions in China. If an unmarried couple are employed at same school, it is generally fine for them to live together.


Expat Communities

There is a huge variety of backgrounds amongst westerners living in China. You will meet engineers, writers, bankers, doctors, entrepreneurs and of course, lots of other teachers! This is especially true in the larger cities in China such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Suzhou etc. Many expats originally come to work as teachers and then move into other areas of work including starting their own businesses.


Made in China

Since most things are now made in China you can find some incredible deals on clothes, electronics, etc. (some are low quality but some will last you for years!).


Sight Seeing

China is a gigantic country with a population of over 1.3 billion people. You could spend your whole life backpacking through it and not see everything.



This is one of the oldest cultures in the world with an incredibly rich history. To get the most from your experience in China explore the culture and learn some of the language.


Flights and Accommodation

Our schools in China cover the costs of our teachers’ flights and apartment rental costs for the duration of their contract.



At least one member of our team will visit a school prior to deciding whether we will work with them or not. If you are offered a position at a school we will offer you multiple email address from current or previous teachers and encourage you to chat to them about life at the school before accepting a position.