*** Map of Korea


Korea is a relatively small country and public transport is excellent so teachers often visit other towns and cities at the weekends and during holidays.  Buses and trains run throughout the country. A local bus ride costs between 500 and 800 won. In larger cities subways run from 5:30am until midnight. Taxis are everywhere. They are cheap and very convenient. There are regular domestic and international flights and it is easy to get a ferries to Korea's many islands or to Japan.


Subway Maps

Interactive map of the Seoul subway. We've found this really useful for working out journey times between two points in Seoul.

Printable map of the Seoul subway system

Busan Subway Map

Daegu subway map


Since 2044 Korea has had a high-speed train (KTX) which operate at speeds of 300km per hour. In the past travelling from Seoul to Pusan took approximately four hours. It now takes two hours and forty minutes. The KTX means getting from one end of the country to the other is fast, safe, convenient and environmentally friendly.

Maps of the train and KTX lines


Interactive map of domestic and international ferry ports


International Travel

Staff at Kangsan Travel speak English and are really helpful. Kangsan make planning a trip from Korea easy.

If you have to book your own flight from the UK to Korea we recommend EuroTravel, which is based in London. Use the Flying Cows name and they will do their best to give you the best rates. They are also usually able to increase your baggage allowance form 20 – 30kgs. Contact EuroTravel for a quote or further information.  


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