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Under Offer
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In progress
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Friday, June 1, 2018
Travel Plans: 
I am travelling alone
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No preference
Location Preference Details: 
I've lived on a farm for 20 years and a city for 5 years. I'd like to think I'm quite good at going between urban and rural environments.
Highest Qualification: 
Other Qualification: 
BSc Computer Science
Degree Subject: 
Advanced Computer Science
University / Institution: 
University of Kent
MSc Distinction / BSc First Class Honours
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Details of TEFL certificate: 
I'm very hopeful to attain a TEFL qualification but deciding on which institution to study under owing to the complexity of valid accreditation boards.
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Education comments: 
The MSc focused heavily on Cyber Security elements building from the undergraduate components of Computer Science. Topics varied from Intrusion Detection to Steganography, covering vast ethical questions about hacking, social engineering and privacy on the internet. My dissertation focused on an experimental eavesdropping technology extending from research presented by Berkeley university. Using everyday smartphones as means to eavesdrop on keyboards through side-channel attacks such audio analysis and vibrations. While studying the MSc I was a committee member for the Cyber Security and Jiu Jitsu society, in which I gave presentations and worked closely with members to support their learning. At the beginning of the MSc I was asked to become an Assistant Lecturer who would lead a variety of supportive roles to the faculty aiming at undergraduate studies.These tasks ranged from leading lectures and seminars to marking coursework, faculty meetings and private tutoring. I gave several lectures on UCAS applicant days to potential students regarding the content of the course, women in computing and overall confidence in a students capabilities. I was consistently involved in the teaching elements of the faculty and regularly gave feedback to other staff which furthered my involvement with the school and appreciation for teaching in general. The BSc weighed on core concepts of Computer Science teaching programming, logic and theoretical components behind syntax in languages and integral computer design. Elements included operating system architecture, software design, databases, web development, functional programming, security, theoretical computing, and artificial intelligence. Throughout the BSc I worked on several group projects with students from various technical and ethical backgrounds, allowing me to understand and work with varying capabilities. At college I studied media studies, electronics, computing and electronics. Computing and electronics correlated directly to my university studies as I desired to understand everyday technology, especially owing to its expansive nature in society. Photography was a passion of mine and still is, combined with media studies it would provide me journalistic capabilities if the need arose. I traveled to various locations photographing culture and controversial topics to demonstrate to my peers the variants in the world's societies. In media studies we focused on the power of media in society from television to magazines. I was involved in thinking and reasoning classes that aimed to challenge my methodology of debating and engaging with my peers.
Work Experience
Position 1
Job title: 
Systems Architecture Engineer
Dates of employment: 
September 2017 - February 2018
Summary of role: 
I was a Systems Architecture Engineer based working under the Space and Defence sector. I worked on Project Galileo which is a European Space Agency funded project, with the goal of providing Europe its own military and civilian GPS satellites. While working on this project I was under the Official Secrets Act which led me to handle sensitive documents for both the European Union and United Kingdom. We operated a large project of around 100 employees with small teams focusing on subsystems for the operations behind Galileo. I was personally involved with the architecture team who aimed to secure and automate all the ground installations for Galileo’s confidential systems across Europe. Part of our role was to travel to the several bases across Europe to assist the client and train their staff in using our systems. During my time as a systems engineer I automated the ground installations of the database and intrusion detection systems, I also maintained a series of documentation and provided support to the testing teams as part of the project.
Position 2
Job title: 
Assistant Lecturer
Dates of employment: 
September 2015 - July 2017
Summary of role: 
As an assistant lecturer my task was to lead and support students in these events by lesson planning, private tutoring and identifying what requirements were needed for a student to succeed. Not only did I lead these students in classes but I marked and peer reviewed my colleagues marking of our students. I was often asked to run a scheduled “homework club” event, in which students who had been set assignments could come for support. This event often had a number of higher tier undergraduate students assisting me in the large classes we ran. I would often provide mini tasks and solutions if I found a select number of students struggling with a common problem. These tasks aimed to address the problem in a progressively more complex manner, by starting simple and over succession increasing in difficulty to challenge students of various capabilities. At times I led security conferences to the “Cyber Security Society” in which I led hour long lectures and tasks for the members to engage with. An example being when I taught the members about reverse engineering software and typical methods used to crack software encryption.
Position 3
Job title: 
Private Tutor and Teaching Assistant
Dates of employment: 
September 2015 - July 2017
Summary of role: 
As a private tutor I tutored several groups of second year students in small lecture theatres where I actively encouraged them to participate by solving problems on the whiteboard. What allowed this environment to flourish was that every student involved was there of their own consent, and I encouraged all of them to help each other and ask any questions they had; no matter how small the question felt. As a teaching assistant the role focused on providing supportive content to undergraduate students and working closely with faculty staff to adhere to student needs. I taught in a team of 3 staff, teaching programming and functional electronics classes of 30-40 students for 2-3 hours at a time. We marked, lectured and led the classes while having regularly meetings on the students progress. If a student struggled we would allocate time to helping them mature their skills and push through the challenges ahead. Struggles ranged from confidence, maths and general lack of grasping certain concepts.
Supporting Information
Why do you want to teach overseas?: 
Since a young age I was fascinated by the various cultures in the world and dreamed of seeing them. As I was growing up, the internet was becoming accessible with more information becoming available to developed worlds. I learnt from my education and research about various cultures and parts of the world, as such I soon desired to travel and experience these cultures with their rich history. For the early portion of my life I lived with my family on a British dressage farm where I worked closely with my parents to rear horses and maintain the land. Through our work we encountered various members of society from all over the world who had a rich desire to involve themselves in the dressage culture. During my secondary school education I was tutored in German and developed a keen admiration for the language and culture. I yearned to learn more about language and variances in culture through my experiences at school and relished in the knowledge provided through education. Whilst studying at college I started learning about computers and electronics as I believed that the world around us was consistently evolving through modern advancements in technology. During this time I started my own company to market and sell my skills to clients from all over the world. At this period of time I came to appreciate and admire clients from varying backgrounds and wished that one day I could visit and admire such cultures. After I finished college I stood down as a director of the company and moved my mindset elsewhere, to focus on my own education and future endeavours. At university I experienced independence like no other and actively engaged with various societies and students. In my social life I was participating in jiu-jitsu, lacrosse, salsa and the cyber security society. All aside salsa I held committee roles, ranging from travel secretary to lead reverse engineer. I glimpsed teaching whilst at University, I started small but soon had a taste for helping and nurturing the skills for others. Initially I was a UCAS Ambassador who worked closely with lecturers and postgraduate students to organise and maintain UCAS events for applicants. Later I was an Assistant Lecturer, leading lectures, marking work and privately tutoring students under the guise of a mentor and friend. In between I held various teaching roles that led me to this summit, but in the end I felt more engaged and alive than ever before; by teaching and involving myself with my students. During my private tutoring period I engaged one-on-one with students and had close but professional friendships with them. Students felt more relaxed and at ease around my guidance as we worked through issues they had. At times I held revision lectures for undergraduate students where we worked through past exam papers and discussed relevant but difficult topics. As my university education came to an end after receiving a first class honours in my BSc and a distinction in my MSc, I felt like an element to my life was missing. The passion I had accrued from teaching, learning and experiencing others progression was missing. I started work for a large IT Consultancy afterwards on a classified european project, but couldn’t fill the desire and drive that had me before. Suddenly as a young adult with much to offer I wanted to go see the world, explore culture and carry on my drive to bestow knowledge onto others. While working for CGI I experienced a vast range of technical and cultural differences in my peers, owing heavily to the project I was working on; Galileo. Galileo was intended to provide the European member states of the EU with advanced and secure GPS satellites for civilian and military use. The project headed by the European Space Agency was based in Belgium but had multiple countries actively contributing, my role was to automate ground installations for the satellites; specifically intrusion detection systems. Owing to the project I travelled to several military bases and experienced various levels of security and involvement on a European scale. My colleagues were often not of English descent which furthered my understanding of their cultures and appreciating the capabilities they provided throughout the project. However while the team and project were consistently exciting and I felt no end to the developments we made, my brother who travelled the world consistently for a living would tell tales of amazing sights and cultures. I knew that I couldn’t stay in this one role for much longer. I wished to see the world and carry my passion of teaching forward. Throughout my life I had visited parts of the world from leisure to business, often wishing I could stay longer and take in the natural beauty of the country. From interviews with Microsoft in Norway to skiing in Megève in France, I always found myself wishing to go further and explore more. Owing to the connections that English speaking countries have with distant eastern counterparts, this desire is no longer a dream but a very real possibility that I desire to seek out.
Why are you a suitable candidate for teaching overseas?: 
Through my life I have experienced the smiles and happiness of students progressing through my kindred of knowledge. I’ve seen the struggles, hills to climb and the fear of failure that can engulf students, I’ve felt it before myself; a lack of confidence and surplus of concern. Knowing how to bounce back and not falter but stand higher than before, I know that I can demonstrate these skills to students. With all of this, the desire to view the cultures of the world and to carry forward my knowledge and passion of teaching. I strongly believe that I’m a worthy candidate of taking on a role of teaching at one of the many schools given.
Additional Information: 
I've got more prior work experience, but I feel that I may have gone a little overkill on this profile! Let me know if you think it would be worthwhile to contribute it :) * Chief Operating Officer of a Cryptocurrency * UCAS Ambassador * Director of a company I started at 18