Application status: 
Visa Status: 
Documents ready
Teacher Details
Dual Nationality: 
Have you lived or worked overseas before?: 
Details of previous overseas experience: 
Football Coaching in the USA
Placement Preferences
Available Date: 
Sunday, June 24, 2018
Travel Plans: 
I am travelling alone
Location Preferences: 
Highest Qualification: 
Degree Subject: 
Sport, Health & Exercise Science
University / Institution: 
Bangor University
Do you have a TEFL certificate: 
Details of TEFL certificate: 
Currently studying 120 hour online TEFL course
Were you educated in your native country?: 
Education comments: 
During my studies at Bangor I completed modules covering: Applied physiological assessment skills, human anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, biochemistry, psychology, statistics, disability sport rehabilitation and exercise for clinical populations.I have acquired excellent organisational and time management skills from my academic studies at Bangor. I am fully competent with Microsoft Word, Office & Excel and have a solid understanding of statistical analysis. I consider myself to be highly motivated and I am confident and capable of working within a team or on my own.
Work Experience
Position 1
Job title: 
Physiotherapy Assistant
Dates of employment: 
01/02/2017 - Present
Summary of role: 
My role involves working under the direction of physiotherapists to assist them with the rehabilitation of patients. My role requires me to: Set up equipment, show patients how to use mobility aids correctly, helping patients to prepare for treatment, assisting patients with rehabilitation exercises, writing reports and updating patient records. I also have an input in Multi-disciplinary meetings in regard to patient progress and take concise accurate notes during these meetings. Working in the community: Visiting patients in their place of residence and providing exercise programmes for patients to follow. Correct demonstration of exercises, observing and correcting patient technique and ordering equipment.
Position 2
Job title: 
Fitness & Wellbeing Advisor
Dates of employment: 
01/05/2017 - 01/03/2018
Summary of role: 
My role is to ensure the safety of gym users by conducting induction sessions to new members and minimising risk by continuously demonstrating and correcting technique. Duties include: Devising personal fitness programmes, cleaning and maintaining the gym equipment and leading exercise classes, such as: Indoor cycling, Boxing and circuit training.
Position 3
Job title: 
High ropes instructor
Dates of employment: 
01/06/2014 - Present
Summary of role: 
My role is to ensure the safety of high ropes course users. Conduct thorough briefings to customer groups prior to course commencement and physical inspection of the safety equipment worn by customers. My role requires me to be vigilant at all times, to be able to manage large groups of people and to be able to speak to them clearly and concisely. I must also be able to identify and assess any possible dangers and deal with any emergency situations swiftly and safely.
Supporting Information
Why do you want to teach overseas?: 
I have previously coached football in the USA, working in several different cities and living with different host families along the way. I enjoyed the experience immensely. I realise that many people in non-English speaking countries place a high value on being able to learn English and I would like to help these people to achieve their ambition. I have a keen passion for travelling and I enjoy learning about other cultures. I have Japanese relatives but have never been and I have always been fascinated by Asia.
Why are you a suitable candidate for teaching overseas?: 
I have several years’ experience of teaching and coaching mainly in health and exercise related areas. I have previously coached football overseas in the USA. I have worked with and taught people of all ages and from different cultural and social backgrounds. I enjoy working with people and helping them to attain their desired goals. I have experience working with individuals of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. I am used to juggling relatively large client bases from my time teaching young children to swim (average class size 25) and from my time at Zip World Fforest (average group size 20). I believe that my academic and working experiences would be of tremendous use to me as a teacher. I believe that this role would allow me to develop skills for a career in which I have a genuine interest and enthusiasm.