Application status: 
Visa Status: 
Not known
Teacher Details
Have you lived or worked overseas before?: 
Details of previous overseas experience: 
I have lived and worked in Spain and Mexico. Both jobs have been teaching English.
Placement Preferences
Available Date: 
Monday, September 10, 2018
Travel Plans: 
I am travelling with my partner
Travel Plan Details: 
I currently live with my boyfriend in Mexico. He is Mexican but lived in the U.S. so his English is fluent. He works remotely.
Location Preferences: 
Highest Qualification: 
Degree Subject: 
Social Science
University / Institution: 
Cardiff University
First Class Honours
Do you have a TEFL certificate: 
Details of TEFL certificate: 
I completed a 120 hour TEFL course in 2013.
Were you educated in your native country?: 
Work Experience
Position 1
Job title: 
English Teacher
Dates of employment: 
September 2016 to present
Summary of role: 
I teach English in an academy in Mexico to adults and young learners. I help with exam preparation, speaking practice and general English learning. I also get involved in cutlural projects and have assisted in the creation of videos and photography to help with the promotion of courses.
Position 2
Job title: 
Online English Teacher
Dates of employment: 
October 2016 to present
Summary of role: 
I give English classes online to students based (usually) in the UK who require consistent speaking practice. We look at cultural topics, grammar points and error correction. Most of my students have an extremely high level of English and want to become more natural and fluent.
Position 3
Job title: 
English Language Assistant
Dates of employment: 
September 2015 - June 2016
Summary of role: 
I worked in a secondary school in Spain as the English Language Assistant. My job was to improve the speaking of the students taking English. Every fortnight they come to my class and we would focus on speaking. I also taught children under 11 years old in after school fun English club and worked with students to produce a performance and sing Christmas songs in English to other students and teachers.
Supporting Information
Why do you want to teach overseas?: 
I absolutley love to travel and immerse myself in other cutlures. When I am not teaching English I love to go out, explore and I have a passion for photography. I find the education system in the UK to be limiting and in a crisis and so I love experiencing the education of other nationalities and cultures. Teaching English is extremely rewarding as you really feel like you are opening up doors for people who want to work, study or simply travel abroad too.
Why are you a suitable candidate for teaching overseas?: 
I am an extremely hard working and responsible person. I myself love learning languages. I speak Spanish and have previously studied French and Basque (when I lived in the north of Spain). Whenever I travel I like to attempt to learn some of the language. I think this is an extremely important aspect of travelling. It also helps me to understand my students and the problems that they may have when attempting to learn English. I believe it has made me more patient and confident with my understanding of my own language.
Additional Information: 
I am currently considering my options for this year. I finish my job here in Mexico in a few months and I would like to go to Asia and do some teaching in a completely different culture and environment!