Application status: 
Visa Status: 
Not known
Teacher Details
South African
Have you lived or worked overseas before?: 
Placement Preferences
Available Date: 
Tuesday, April 3, 2018
Travel Plans: 
I am travelling alone
Location Preferences: 
No preference
Highest Qualification: 
Degree Subject: 
BSc in Computer Systems
University / Institution: 
Heriot Watt University (Scotland)
BSc in Computer Systems
Do you have a TEFL certificate: 
Details of TEFL certificate: 
Hi I am currently busy with my tefl course through theteflacademy
Were you educated in your native country?: 
Work Experience
Position 1
Job title: 
Junior Test Engineer
Dates of employment: 
From 6th April 2016 to 20th December 2016.
Summary of role: 
My Duties as Test Engineer: • Maintains a working knowledge of the technology of products and the way in which products are used, operated and delivered • Maintains an understanding of the regulatory requirements applied to tested products • Detects defects in assigned product(s) consistent with the test criteria for the product type and markets for which the product is tested • Identifies and uses the proper test scripts, utilizing the correct rules and regulations • Carries out Field Inspection tasks in support of the inspection activities, upon request • Accurately reviews and demonstrates an understanding of source code in one or more computer languages • Accurately performs protocol testing and demonstrates knowledge of gaming protocols • Maintains an understanding of the general testing process and standards • Maintains an understanding of all systems used to record and access test results • Maintains an understanding of all systems used to manage the testing of the product(s) • Maintains an understanding of assigned hardware and software of the devices • Coordinates and communicates testing issues and problems with a Senior Engineer, Manager or other designated personnel • Ensures the math accurately represents the game design • Properly completes all documentation for a project
Supporting Information
Why do you want to teach overseas?: 
I would like to learn about other cultures and have a different experience interacting with different kinds of people
Why are you a suitable candidate for teaching overseas?: 
I am a easy going person, I like trying different things.
Additional Information: 
I am currently busy with a tefl course and will be graduating very soon. I have attached all my necessary information, should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.