Application status: 
Visa Status: 
In progress
Teacher Details
Have you lived or worked overseas before?: 
Details of previous overseas experience: 
I have lived and taught in South Korea for 8.5 years and 1.5 years in Shanghai, China.
Placement Preferences
Available Date: 
Monday, January 1, 2018
Travel Plans: 
I am travelling alone
Travel Plan Details: 
I plan to spend at least 5 years in Korea, teaching whilst studying for my MA TELF & Applied Linguistics via distance learning part time.
Location Preferences: 
No preference
Location Preference Details: 
Seoul, Ilsan, Bundang, Goyang-si, Anyang, Ansan, Suwon.
Highest Qualification: 
Other Qualification: 
100 Hours, 20 unit TEFL
Degree Subject: 
Drama & Theatre
University / Institution: 
King Alfred's College ()Now University of Winchester)
Do you have a TEFL certificate: 
Details of TEFL certificate: 
100 Hours, 20 unit TEFL from ITTT
Were you educated in your native country?: 
Work Experience
Position 1
Job title: 
Sales Assistant
Dates of employment: 
01/12/2016 - Ongoing
Summary of role: 
Customer services and stock control
Position 2
Job title: 
Sales & Design Consultant
Dates of employment: 
01/8/2015 – 31/08/2016
Summary of role: 
Demonstrating Bathstore products; designing bathrooms for clients using ArtiCAD design software from room plans or going to customer’s homes for a tailored measurement and design service. Managing all aspects of the project from initial point of contact through design; consultation; sales; estimating for installation costs; and product costs to fit with the client’s design choices and within their budgets. Offering pre and post installation support. Self-managing and self-administrating, and providing excellent customer service whilst meeting daily, weekly and monthly sales targets.
Position 3
Job title: 
ESL Teacher
Dates of employment: 
01/03/2012 - 01/09/2013
Summary of role: 
Preparing and teaching classes using the Longman curriculum, testing and evaluating students, giving demo lessons as well as parent and teacher meetings. I also lead several large scale public marketing and recruitment drives and events liaising with Chinese counterparts.
Supporting Information
Why do you want to teach overseas?: 
I love teaching and preparing my classes and seeing my students enjoy themselves and improve their English. I believe the keys to successful classes are; thorough preparation, planning, flexibility and patience with students. I also speak Korean to a reasonable level and have many friends who live there.
Why are you a suitable candidate for teaching overseas?: 
I am flexible and patient, I can adapt to new environments having already worked and lived in Korea and China. I will not have culture shock as I already know South Korea well and have visited for vacation as recently as October 2017 for two weeks. I am a well prepared and flexible teacher with lots of materials and experience to both adapt to and enrich a school;s existing curriculum. I understand he importance of patience and a harmonious relationship with co-workers and students as well as providing great customer service.