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Not known
Teacher Details
Have you lived or worked overseas before?: 
Details of previous overseas experience: 
I lived in Nepal for three months whilst volunteering as an ICS overseas volunteer.
Placement Preferences
Available Date: 
Monday, July 30, 2018
Travel Plans: 
I am travelling alone
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No preference
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Degree Subject: 
Politics and International Relations
University / Institution: 
University of Manchester
First Class with Honours
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Work Experience
Position 1
Job title: 
ICS international volunteer
Dates of employment: 
Summary of role: 
I undertook a volunteer placement working as an International Citizen Service volunteer with Raleigh International, working on sustainable development projects in a real Nepali village. My role within the team took numerous forms, I was responsible for encouraging women and girls in our village to attend health sessions I had helped to establish in order to fill the gap of sexual education within the Nepali education system. I also acted as a mentor to teenage girls living in the village and using the youth group we established throughout our placement, helped them to find higher education courses and apprenticeship style jobs to further their education and training and enable them to break traditional gender barriers. I was also responsible for leasing with suppliers and NGO's in order to facilitate the building of irrigation ponds within our village to address a vital nee of the community and improve resilience.
Position 2
Job title: 
Debate Mate Mentor
Dates of employment: 
Summary of role: 
I acted as a Debate Mate mentor during my time at university, teaching debating to a group of high school students in underprivileged areas in Manchester. My role involved creating lessons following the Debate Mate curriculum and teaching students to debate using creative techniques to engage the students and ensure they achieved the objectives of the lessons. The ultimate aim of my role was to aid students with strong abilities to improve their confidence and public speaking and communication skills, ultimately encouraging them to progress into higher education and break social mobility barriers. To undertake this role effectively I had to utilise my planning skills, ensuring that my lesson plans were organised and rehearsed before the sessions and all my resources were obtained. I also regularly used my leadership and interpersonal skills to steer the sessions which did not stick to my lesson plans in order to ensure that my students achieved the lesson objectives, this meant I had to not only be resilient when my plans did not prove effective, but also imaginative and aware of the individual needs of each student.
Position 3
Job title: 
Sales Adviser
Dates of employment: 
Summary of role: 
I'm currently working as a Sales Adviser in the popular and busy Trafford Centre Schuh store. My role involves delivering high level customer service, going further for each customer and ensuring that they leave extremely satisfied with their experience in store. I also work as part of the stock room team which means I am responsible for managing stock, handling deliveries, investigating anomalies and providing support to the shop floor staff. I consistently utilise my interpersonal skills forming relationships with customers, working as an effective member of a team. I also regularly lead the shop floor when given 'segments' which involve the responsibility of achieving profit and conversion targets within a set time frame. My role is diverse and challenging and I consistently meet expectations and targets set of me, ensuring I go further for customers and increase profit for the company.
Supporting Information
Why do you want to teach overseas?: 
My past experience of volunteering abroad and teaching has given me a passion to teach abroad. I understand and appreciate the importance of education and want to use my understanding to help others learn English from a native speaker. Teaching brings many personal and professional benefits to both teachers and students, however I think that teaching abroad would enable me to not only use my skills to engage youths and provide quality education, but also enable me to enhance my cultural awareness and engage in a sharing of knowledge with my students as I teach them and they teach me about their culture and country. I ultimately want to teach overseas because I think that education is the most vital tool one can possess and allowing others, sometimes in developing countries, to achieve a quality education and feel inspired by a teacher is something I have a passion for. I want to be the teacher that makes the difference to students, encouraging them to break social and cultural barriers and challenging them throughout their learning to push themselves further. Teaching abroad would mean that I am also able to engage my passion for international development, something which I think can only be truly achieved by enhancing the education of youths. I would like to work in an environment which is out of my comfort zone, but within a culture which is welcoming and has a desire to learn, as I have a desire to teach,
Why are you a suitable candidate for teaching overseas?: 
I am a motivated, committed and driven individual who would rise to the challenges of teaching a language abroad. I possess the necessary skills in order to engage youths, such as leadership skills which I have demonstrated throughout my time as a Debate Mate mentor. As a mentor I taught debating to students aged 11-16 throughout an academic year. My sessions were sometimes challenging, I had to overcome personality clashes between students and issues involving group work as some personalities dominated sessions. I used my leadership skills to become more involved in the tasks I had set, allocating groups to prevent arguments between students and ensure concentration was kept on the task at hand, I also spent more time with individuals who I realised were being overshadowed by more confident students, ensuring that they felt supported and able to participate as much as the more confident students. I am adaptable and resilient and enhanced these skills and traits during my time as an ICS overseas volunteer. I undertook a three month placement living in a rural village in Nepal, working on sustainable development project, improving livelihoods and increasing resilience. In order to undertake this placement I had to demonstrate commitment to the UN's Sustainable Development goals and show my drive to work towards creating a fairer global society. This drive has continued beyond my placement as I am now committed to working within an environment which strives to increase the livelihood of those less fortunate than myself and increase awareness of international development to others. Throughout my placement I worked within a team of UK and Nepali volunteers, coordinating with NGO's and local community members to facilitate the creation of irrigation ponds throughout my village, addressing a vital need of the community, I also worked to create a youth group enabling youths to access further education and training, allowing them to break social barriers and do better for themselves, I also committed time to creating a weekly women's sexual health class establishing a safe space where women in my village were able to learn, discuss and engage around issues which were seen as taboo subjects. The dedication I demonstrated throughout my time as a mentor and volunteer makes me an ideal candidate to teach overseas. I possess the necessary skills to adapt to varied teaching environments, and most importantly the determination to be a successful teacher in a challenging yet stimulating environment. I possess the vital skills and drive to not only be a successful teacher, but specifically a teacher overseas.