Application status: 
Under Offer
Visa Status: 
Documents ready
Teacher Details
Dual Nationality: 
Republic of Mauritius
Have you lived or worked overseas before?: 
Placement Preferences
Available Date: 
Monday, February 5, 2018
Travel Plans: 
I am travelling alone
Travel Plan Details: 
I plan on going there alone and meeting new people there.
Location Preferences: 
Location Preference Details: 
For Korea, I would like to be as close to central Seoul as possible, such as in the city itself or in a satellite city. I've visited several cities in South Korea and Seoul is my favourite one. In Spain, any city is great.
Highest Qualification: 
Other (please state)
Other Qualification: 
LLB (Bachelor of Laws)
Degree Subject: 
University / Institution: 
University of Nottingham
Do you have a TEFL certificate: 
Details of TEFL certificate: 
International House London - CELTA (Pass)
Were you educated in your native country?: 
Education comments: 
A Level Grades - English Literature (A), Economics (A), History (B)
Work Experience
Position 1
Job title: 
Dates of employment: 
12th July - 3rd August 2017
Summary of role: 
- Teaching classes of up to 15 students of various ages six times a week for three-hour lessons. - Managing and organising lesson plans to ensure each day is different and captivating for the pupils. - Ensuring that written and oral work is graded suitably for the class and communicated with certainty and clarity, minimising confusion of MFP learning. - Encouraging pupils to question, observe and investigate to keep them engaged them in their learning. - Preparing own modern and engaging lesson materials in addition to those provided by the Centres to ensure the pupils got the most out of the lesson. - Ensuring all lessons were as engaging and inspiring as possible to the pupils in order to improve their English skills in a variety of contexts, which would then allow them to interact better with their peers. - Coordinating and managing weekly group projects for each class. - Assisting the pupils on projects such as the creation of their own nation, sports and film trailer to be exhibited in front of up to 200 students. - Maintaining pupil discipline by keeping the classroom an English-speaking area by highly encouraging use of the language through various reward systems.
Position 2
Job title: 
Activity Leader
Dates of employment: 
3rd - 10th August 2017
Summary of role: 
- Ensuring pupils remained engaged and participated in the activities at all times by encouraging involvement and catering to a group’s wishes as much as possible. - Escorting groups of 30 or more pupils on full day trips and tours of Bath and Manchester, encouraging pupils to question and engage with their surroundings. - Researching all excursion destinations to be able to guide the pupils effectively. - Maintaining levels of pupil discipline while out on trips and tours to ensure they were polite and respectful to the public
Position 3
Job title: 
Dates of employment: 
August 2016 - May 2017
Summary of role: 
- Assisting in co-ordinating the front of house and bar team to improve customer satisfaction and drive sales. - Working effectively with the team to ensure that all tasks behind and at the bar were completed thoroughly and meticulously to make sure our customers experienced an excellent service - Providing a welcoming atmosphere to all customers.
Supporting Information
Why do you want to teach overseas?: 
I want to teach overseas for a few reasons. Firstly, I genuinely enjoy teaching the English Language to students as I find it to be a highly rewarding experience for all parties involved. This is because students of the English language tend to be motivated and genuinely interested in learning, making the experience more gratifying. Even if English is not necessarily their favourite subject I find sharing the English-speaking language and culture enjoyable enough that I hope I can provide them with the motivation that they need and it does not detract from my own experience. Secondly, I always believe that I should experience as much of the world as possible as there is always another way of looking at life, and through teaching I hope that I will learn as much from my students as they learn from me. Finally, the experience of life overseas with its various challenges and rewards I feel would be an experience which would allow me to take on adventures which I would not otherwise have the courage to do so if I did not experience the unfamiliar. In any case, this experience can only be a positive one for me.
Why are you a suitable candidate for teaching overseas?: 
I believe I have a lot to offer learners of English. I am able to convey my meaning well through language grading and clarity of speech, and I do not become impatient with learners making mistakes. I understand that learning anything, especially a language, is for the majority of people a very difficult experience and this should always be remembered at every stage of teaching. I am also quick to become familiar with common mistakes that my students make and am able to pick up on their individual needs. I hold qualifications including an English Literature A-Level and a Bachelor of Law degree, both of which illustrate an understanding of the English language, as well as a CELTA qualification from one of the world’s leading centres. Even though at times it is a difficult and stressful experience, I have not yet had a lesson where I have not genuinely enjoyed doing what I do when I teach. Finally, I have spent as much time as possible in my life travelling to new places, and so I am very aware that cultural differences exist and I have to do my best to understand and adapt to them.
Additional Information: 
I can speak French up to a B2 Level and I hope to learn many languages, including both Spanish and Korean. Korean is a language which is particularly hard to learn in the West and I will absolutely make every effort to learn as much of it as I can in Korea. I have travelled around Korea and Japan and I'm struck by how different and amazing the cultures are. Even though I've spent most of my life in a very international city I was thrilled to find that there's nothing quite like the real thing. I hope to visit every country in the world in my lifetime.