One way to make sure you get plenty of job offers is to start gathering your visa application documents as soon as possible.  By doing this schools know that you are serious about teaching in Korea.  Hagwons usually recruit at the last minutes (1-2 months before the start date) and don't have time to wait for people to apply for their documents after they have accepted a position.  Therefore, it is a good idea to get things moving as soon as you can - and remember to Keep Us Up To Date With Your Progress.  Please bear in mind that your Criminal Record Check (CRB) must be less than six months old by the time you apply for your visa. Keep this in mind if you are applying well in advance of your ideal departure date.

Documents Required for Private Schools

  • A photocopy of your degree certificate (or masters is you have one) with an apostille You need to take your original degree certificate with you to Korea
  • A criminal records check (CRB) with an apostille Must be less than 6 months old by the time you apply for your visa
  • An up to date cv
  • A Photocopy of the photo page of your passport Passport must be valid for a minimum of six months when you apply for your visa
  • Self Evaluation Medical Form
  • Signed contract Compare it to our example contract and ask any questions you have.  Date and sign it.

Please remember to take your original degree certificate and TEFL Certificate (if you have one) with you when you go to Korea.