Get Ready!

Before you take your first steps of your adventure make sure that you are prepared.

Are you happy with your contract?
Have you asked questions about your job conditions, living conditions, location?
Are you clear on how to apply for the correct visa?

Things to Think About

Should I complete a TEFL course?

  • Having a TEFL qualification is not always necessary but having one can help build your confidence, prepare you for the classroom and may help you attract job offers from employers. Find out more about TEFL qualifications here.

Travel Insurance

  • Some jobs overseas will provide you with a degree of health insurance. However it is important to know that this is NOT a substitute for travel insurance. We recommend that you purchase Travel Insurance before you travel to any country. Travel insurance can cover you for everything from losing your bags to potential repatriation back to the UK.

If You are from the UK    

Flying Cows Teachers Can Receive a 10% Discount on Travel Insurance With Go Walkabout.

To claim your 10% discount use the the following Discount Code : FLY10

Go Walkabout is a UK based company who aim to provide high quality insurance cover, at affordable premiums, to travellers resident in the UK.

Go Walkabouts Working Holiday policy will cover your work and travel plans if you plan to undertake paid or voluntary work for all or part of your time away from the UK. You will then have the peace of mind that your medical costs (and potential repatriation back to the UK) would be covered if you suffer an injury at work or in your leisure time, alongside all of the other benefits of comprehensive travel insurance cover.

The Working Holiday policy:

Covers you to do a wide range of jobs whilst away – TEFL teaching is covered as standard under work pack level 1.

Can cover you to be away from the UK for up to 2 years

Allows you to make two return trips back to the UK for up to 21 days each, (and up to 4 return trips if you choose to upgrade)

Has the comprehensive benefits of a standard travel insurance policy, whilst also covering you to work.

Click here for a quote and please feel free to contact Go Walkabout to discuss you needs and with any questions

If You are from The Rest of the World

World Nomads have some great travel insurance packages. Get a quote below and feel free to contact them directly with any questions and to discuss your options.

Do I need any Immunisations?

Travel Safety Advice
For official general and country specific Travel Safety Advice visit the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.


South Korea:


***If you are travelling from outside the UK please make sure that you are familiar with your countries general and health guidelines for travelling overseas***