To give yourself the best chance of receiving job offers from schools in Korea keep our Korean team up to date with your progress with gathering the visa application documents cho@flying-cows.com Schools are only likely to offer you an interview if you have gathered or have started gathering your visa application documents.

Do I need a TEFL qualification?

When can I start?

China – March is our main intake but we have positions available every month of the year.

Korea – You can start teaching in Korea any month of the year.

Thailand – Intakes are in May and November but positions can become available throughout the year.

Online – Start dates are available every month of the year.

How far in advance can I apply?

China – If you are looking to plan your overseas trip in advance, China is a great option. You can secure a position in China up to a year in advance but it is possible to apply more last minute and be out there within 2-3 months.

Korea – it is a good idea to apply for teaching jobs at least 2-3 months before you want to fly out to Korea. It takes a few weeks to get your visa application documents together and schools tend to only interview candidates who have prepared or have started gathering these. Job offers tend to come in 1-2 months before a start date so it is not easy to secure a job in Korea far in advance.

Thailand – We would suggest you apply 2-3 months ahead of an intake start date (May or November). Having said that you can apply, be accepted and be in Thailand within a few weeks if necessary. It is possible to apply for future intakes further in advance.

Teaching Online – Our partners in China tend to interview candidates as soon as they are ready to start teaching. I.e. apply when you are ready to accept a job and start your training.

How long are the contracts?

China – 10 or 22 months

Korea – 12 months

Thailand – 4 or 8 months

Teaching Online – 6 months

Can I travel with my friend / boyfriend / girlfriend?

Yes you can. It is possible to be placed in a school with or near your friend or partner.

Do I have to be British to apply to Flying Cows?

No. Flying Cows accepts applications from candidates who fulfill the selection criteria from all over the world.

Do I need to be a native English speaker and be a native of an English speaking country?

China – No. If you can speak fluent English and have been educated at a university in a native English speaking country you are eligible to apply.

Korea – Yes. You need to be from the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa or the US to be eligible for the English teaching visa.

Thailand – No. If you can speak English fluently and have a degree you are eligible.

Teaching Online – Not necessarily. If you have a TEFL and/or teaching experience you may be offered an interview. At the moment online companies are being very selective as their clients are increasingly demanding that teachers be native English speakers.

Do I need to have a degree?


How much will I make?

China – £1131+ per month plus flight allowance, bonuses, accommodation & food + FREE TEFL

Korea – £1400+ per month plus flights and accommodation and contract completion bonus (1 month’s pay)

Thailand – £710 per month plus accommodation

Teach Online – earn up to £20 per hour

Will I be able to save money?

China – yes, definitely!

Korea – yes, absolutely!

Thailand – You will make more than enough to live on but realistically won’t save much