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Get paid to teach from home in 2018/19!

We are thrilled to be able to you offer you the chance to teach English as a Second language part time from the comfort of your own home!
If you…
  • have a degree and/or TEFL/teaching experience
  • can commit to working a minimum of 12 hours per week (maximum 20)
  • are fun and enthusiastic and like working with children
  • would like some teaching experience
  • have a decent internet speed
…you need to teach English online.


Our partner in China hires Regular (REG) and Experienced (EXP) teachers at different rates throughout the year.  We currently have 50 EXP teacher positions available starting in November 2018.

EXP Teachers MUST – Be a native English Speaker with a neutral accent – Be between 20 and 45 years of age – Hold a teaching certificate – (TEFL, CELTA, TESOL etc.) – Be healthy, energetic, creative and have an affinity with children – be proficient using computers and general computer software.  

REG Teachers MUST – Be a native English Speaker with a neutral accent –  Be between 20 and 45 years of age – Have teaching experience (including teaching experience gained during TEFL/CELTA/Trinity training) – Be healthy, energetic, creative and have an affinity with children – be proficient using computers and general computer software.  

You will need:  a modern Windows or Mac computer, a good internet connection – 4Mbps upload, USB headset with boom microphone, In-built or USB HD webcam, a modern smart phone and a fun, lively, engaging and child friendly teaching environment.  

Job Outline

ESL teaching Online (6 month contracts)
  • Location: from home
  • Contract Length: 6 months
  • Start Dates: Every month. (50 EXP positions available to start in Nov 2018!)
  • Starting Salary: £8.80 to £20 an hour
  • Teaching Hours: Minimum 12 hours per week (EXP teachers), 18 hours per week (REG teachers).   Between 10am – 2pm (GMT)
  • Students: Chinese students from 5-18 years old
  • Training is provided once you have successfully completed the screening process
Additional Information

To teach English online you need to be friendly, energetic, enthusiastic and able to think on your feet. You need to be well prepared and able to engage with students and maintain their interest.

AVAILABLE NOW!!! We currently have 50 positions available starting in November 2018 for candidates who qualify as EXP teachers.  Apply asap to be considered for these roles : ) 

The Process

Complete an Application Form

It takes 5-10 minutes to complete our application form. You will be asked questions about your qualifications, motivation and your experience.


Skype Interview

The mock interview consist of a 10-minute (approximately) demonstration lesson with the recruitment team personnel acting as the candidate’s 6-year-old low-level English learner using English’s materials.

1 – Be energetic: Maintain energy and enthusiasm for teaching and when using materials throughout the mock.

2 – Body Language & Facial Expressions: Be animated and overly expressive to the student, keep their attention and peak their interest in learning and experiencing a new language.

 3 – Patient: Remember the student is low level and needs encouragement to engage in the lesson.

4 – Talking Speed: Talking slowly and steadily will help the student understand and engage more.

5 – Instructions: ‘Easy & Simple’ is the key. Use basic words with actions.

6 – Demonstrate a desire to be part of the teaching profession.

7 – Teaching Environment (This is a requirement in the training phase): Prepare in advance a bright, interesting and child friendly teaching background (everything in the camera’s view).

8 – Intonation: Use correct and clear intonation bearing in mind the student’s age and level

9 – Props, Realia (real life objects) & Teaching Aids (This is a requirement in the training phase): Use of additional items to enhance the learning experience (flashcards, puppets, related objects, etc.)

10 – Extrude the Teaching Points: Identify, deliver, and check through student interaction the target teaching points from the sample materials have been covered.

11 – Error Correction: Provide timely and appropriate error correction in an encouraging and positive way


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Our Online Team

The lovely Helen will be your first point of call if you are selected for an interview. Helen is based in China and will guide you through the screening process for online teaching. Please feel free to ask Helen anything from what questions you’ll be asked in your interview to details of how pay rates are calculated.