Who is Flying Cows?

Often, the first question people ask us is…Why are you called Flying Cows? The answer quite simply is that we like being different and we enjoy standing out from our competitors. We also find that our name attracts people who are fun and have that little spark which encourages them do something a little different.
During many years of teaching and recruiting overseas we increasingly saw recruitment companies telling candidates anything to get them to sign a contract. Excited new teachers were signing ridiculous contracts without reading them and ending up in difficult situations far from home. At the same time, good schools overseas were hiring unsuitable teachers, damaging their reputations often beyond repair. We have always known that these scenarios are completely unnecessary. It became clear to us that there was a need for someone to tell it straight and to help connect good people to great schools overseas. So in 2004 we created Flying Cows – Teaching English Without the Bull! Since then we have helped thousands of people find great teaching jobs in countries all over the world.

Flying Cows Facts

  • Flying Cows is a UK company based in Nottingham, England. We offer free guidance and advice to anyone thinking of teaching overseas or online.
  • We have paid teaching jobs available in Korea, China, Thailand and Online
  • Contracts are between teachers and schools. Flying Cows does not employ teachers directly.