I certify that the information supplied on my application form is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that withholding information requested or giving false information may make me ineligible for teaching English in South Korea and subject to dismissal. I understand that a profile will be created for me and posted on the Flying Cows website. Flying Cows Consulting Limited is an employment agency based in the UK. I understand that schools in Korea may, through Flying Cows wish to interview me and subsequently offer me a position. Flying Cows does not guarantee that you will receive job offers. When a job offer is made Flying Cows advises candidates on industry standards and guides successful applicants through the visa process. I understand that the decision to accept a position is ultimately mine and that by signing a contract with a school I agree to the terms and conditions of that contract. Flying Cows is not responsible for any breach of contract. Flying Cows works in accordance with the UK Employment Agency Standards.