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School / Training Center Echo Education English First York English Wie China
Location Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province Fuzhou (Fujian province) and surrounding cities, Xiamen (Fujian province), Shenzhen (Guangdong province) Guangdong Province
Jobs Available September 2019. March 2020. (some in between) September/October/November 2019 All year round September 2019 to July 2020
Salary Range 12,000 – 15,000 RMB (£1351-£1689) per month. Earning potential increases with experience. 12,500 – 14,500 RMB (£1282-£1399) per month. Potential to earn more with experience. 10,000 – 15,500RMB (£1161-£1720) per month depending on location and experience in your first year. Big salary increases in year 2 14,000 – 25,000 RMB (£1632-£2914) RMB per month
Type of School Public schools (some private schools) Private schools Private schools Public, private, universities and international schools
Requirements Degree essential Experience not essential Clean background check 120 hour TEFL qualification Eligible for Z visa Degree essential Experience not essential Clean background check 120 hour TEFL qualification Eligible for Z visa Bachelors degree or higher essential. Experience not essential. Clean background check and 120hour TEFL qualification. Eligible for Z visa. Degree essential Experience not essential Clean background check 120 hour TEFL qualification Eligible for Z visa
TEFL Required. Subsidized by Employer. Teacher pays £99 Subsidized by Employer. Teacher pays £55 Required. Not subsidized by employer. Required. NOT subsidized by Employer.
Flights Flight allowance 6,000 RMB (£699) reimbursed on completion of contract Flight allowance 11,250 RMB (£1311) Flight allowance of 8,000RMB a year reimbursed during contract Flight allowance approx. 5,000 RMB – depends on position and teacher (£583)
Accommodation FREE accommodation or 2500 RMB (£291) allowance per month Monthly accommodation allowance 3,000 RMB (£408) Free high-quality accommodation provided or a 2,000-3,500RMB housing allowance (depending on location). Free accommodation or monthly accommodation stipend provided – amount depends on the position
Holidays 11 official holidays (standard salary paid). 2 months! summer holiday (travel bonus 4,000 RMB (£466) per month). 2 weeks winter holiday (travel bonus 3,000 RMB (£350) per month). 22 days paid holiday per year (including Chinese public holidays). 30+ fully paid holiday days. Including all Chinese national holidays and 10 days of personal leave and a summer break. All public holidays, summer and winter holiday given but not paid – except a one off subsidy given during either summer or winter holiday.
Student Ages 3-12 3-18 3-16 All ages
Training and orientation One-week orientation and training unpaid Two weeks paid training and orientation 2 weeks of fully paid training Training provided - unpaid
Teaching Hours 20 teaching hours per week 20 hours per week non-peak, 26 hours per week peak season 18 teaching hours per week 18 teaching hours per week
Teaching (Z) Visa Essential. Support provided Essential. Support provided Essential. Full support provided and costs reimbursed Essential. Support provided
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Get paid to teach in China

in 2019/20

If you…

  • are you looking for an overseas adventure
  • want to be paid well
  • enjoy working with kids
  • want to experience life in an amazing country
  • want to make new friends from all over the world
  • would like a FREE accredited TEFL qualification

…then you need to be teaching in China.


  • To teach in China you need to have a passport from an English speaking country or be fluent in English and have studied at a University in a native English speaking country. You also must be a graduate in any subject. You do not need to be a teacher or have previously completed a TEFL certificate.  To teach English in China no experience is necessary.  
  • For some teaching positions in China you do not need to have a TEFL qualification. For others you have to have completed one before you apply. It is often the case though that you can apply without a TEFL qualification and your Employer will pay most of the costs involved and wait for you to complete a TEFL qualification before you start work in China.

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