Why Choose Flying Cows?

We offer great positions to as wide an audience as possible without charging fees. Over the years, we have built a reputation of honesty and transparency and have helped thousands of people find jobs overseas. We have worked hard to build solid relationships with our overseas partners and have worked with many of them for over a decade. We encourage transparency and require all overseas partners to answer prospective teachers’ questions thoroughly and put them in touch with existing teachers – before they sign a contract.
If you are a professional, enthusiastic graduate (or soon to be graduate) looking for the opportunity to travel, make money and add something incredible to your cv please feel free to apply here and we will get you in touch with our overseas teams.

“Flying Cows made the process of finding a job teaching in Asia extremely easy. The website was easy to understand and use during my application process. They also provided me with peace of mind about any offer from a partnered school being legitimate. Finally, the response to my application was extremely quick as I had heard back from partnered schools within a matter of days. I would strongly recommend using Flying Cows to anyone looking to teach English as a second language in China for both the speed of responses and the piece of mind.”
Dan signed a contract with a school in China in September 2019.

“Flying Cows were an absolute pleasure to work with. Moving abroad for work can be a daunting prospect but Flying Cows made every step of the process very easy to understand. I was impressed with how quickly they responded to my emails, keeping me up to date during the whole process. They even called me to make sure that everything was going well and ask me if I had any questions or concerns. I am now teaching English in South Korea and couldn’t be happier with my experience so far. I would not hesitate to use Flying Cows again to find future work.”

Chris arrived in Korea in May 2018

“This agency is amazing, they really care for all of their applicants. They helped me every step of the way into finding a great position for me. It is also a real testimony of how kind they are, I feel like they are always there if ever I needed some advice. I would gladly recommend them to others!”

Daniel started teaching in Korea in April 2018

“When I first decided I wanted to teach English as a foreign language I was unsure of which company would be best to help guide me through the process. After doing some research online I came across Flying Cows and it has proved to have been a brilliant choice. Right from the beginning my experiences dealing with Flying Cows has been excellent, with clear, exact instructions on what to do and help through every part of the process. The interviews they set up for me resulted in me getting a school which is exactly what I would have wanted in an area that suits me and I would strongly recommend the company to anyone interested in teaching English in Korea.”

Sean started teaching in Korea in April 2018

“Working and living in South Korea is an excellent experience, one I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to see Asia. Using Flying Cows was easy and they were very helpful in providing visa advice and the requisite information I would need to live there. I was swiftly offered a post at an academy in the city of Ulsan and my time here has been very enjoyable. South Korea offers many western amenities should you need them and on a personal note, living here as a vegetarian has been very easy. There are many lovely places to visit on the weekend and the students I work with always find a way to make me laugh. 

I have had some fantastic experiences living here and if anyone I knew expressed an interest in working abroad, South Korea would be my first recommendation.”

Alice has been teaching in Korea since September 2017

“The prospect of starting out in a new country is a daunting one; when I arrived in Korea in November 2016, I came on my own, but I was extremely lucky to have the support of my recruiters at Flying Cows. They made what might be an intimidating process very easy and rewarding. Every step of the way, Amanda and Cho were there to answer my questions and guide me when I wasn’t sure of what to do next. Their approach was personal and caring, so I never felt alone. They matched me with an excellent academy in Ulsan, where my head teacher Julia and director Hugh were extremely kind and helpful, and when I asked for Cho’s assistance in finding a position close to a friend of mine in Gyeonggido, she went the extra mile to find something for me. Again, she placed me with a great academy and throughout the process, she and Amanda were always there for me.”
As a native speaker teacher, you sometimes hear horror stories about dishonest academies, but with Flying Cows, I could trust that my recruiters would connect me with an honest employer. I could truly feel that Cho and Amanda had my best interests at heart, and I felt as though I was not a commodity but a person with valuable skills. In short, I strongly recommend Flying Cows to anyone who wants to teach English abroad. The agency is an invaluable asset in starting what is a challenging and extremely rewarding endeavour. With Flying Cows, you get off the plane alone but you know that you always have someone in your corner.”

Meagan first arrived in Korea in November 2016

“I have been living in Korea for almost 2 years now and found both my school positions through flying cow. Using this service for the first time, I felt really comfortable as the staff are really quick to respond to any questions and really helped a lot with any concerns I had. I really felt like I was being taken care of through the whole visa process, which I’d heard could be a little stressful. The phone calls really helped me feel like I hadn’t been forgotten about and was a great way to set my mind at ease. I’ve used the service more than once due to the excellent service, and so has a good friend of mine. Both times I’ve been to amazing schools with great staff and I’m really thankful to flying cow for that!”

Stacey has been teaching in Korea since 2016

“Flying Cows made the process very easy and simple for me, giving me a variety of options and putting me in touch with their overseas partners who have so far been very helpful”

Frankie will be flying out to China in September 2018

“Moving to Korea is a huge life change, but Flying Cows made my transition convenient and stress-free. From the moment I decided to take the leap and until I actually stepped foot in Korea, I was assisted by a Flying Cows representative. My school placement has been better than I expected, and I look forward to the memories I will make this year. Thanks Flying Cows! We’re having a great time, and I truly thank you for all of your help. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Holly S.

“I initially began to use a Korean agency to find myself a job teaching in Korea. This turned out to be very stressful and difficult because of the language barrier. It was like a breath of fresh air when I found Flying Cows as they were really down to earth and I felt as though I could ask them anything. My school is wonderful and I am staying in a lovely apartment. I still get emails from Flying Cows checking if I’m ok which is reassuring!”

Nina C.

“We used Flying Cows to organise our job in South Korea and the service that was provided made our experience a lot smoother and less stressful than it could have been. I would highly recommend the service to anyone considering working abroad.”

Mark H.

“I’m having a great time out in South Korea. The service I received from Flying Cows made the whole process of finding a job and getting a visa much less intimidating. The staff are very friendly, kept me well informed and were always available to answer any questions I had.”

Andy W.

“Flying Cows were incredibly helpful in setting up my job in Korea. They answered any questions I had about the visa process or Korea, and were always willing to alleviate any worries I had. They were open, honest and flexible about finding the right job for me, and were highly attentive. Their service was invaluable throughout my move to Korea. “

Christina J.

“Flying Cows were very helpful throughout every stage from initial enquiries back in England to ongoing support of their teachers out here in Korea. The staff have spent long periods in Korea and could answer any queries. They have solid links with good schools in Korea and take an active interest in their teachers, again from recruitment to their day-to-day life in Korea. They are now even interested in sponsoring our teachers football team out here.”

Alex E.

“Flying Cows are definitely the best agency to use if you’re going to teach in South Korea. I found dealing with them entirely hassle free and I really felt like I was being taken care of. Nothing can prepare you for the culture shock and moving here was quite daunting, but Flying Cows regularly check to see how things are going and that really helps. They made the transition so much easier and they really look after you. “

Charlene M.

“I thought the service from Flying Cows was excellent. It was very easy to get in contact with you and you were very quick to reply to emails and texts. I thought that the interview tips you sent were very useful and I was able to find the first job in Sonpa very quickly. When it went wrong you were very quick to get me a lot more interviews and I felt I had a choice in where I wanted to work. I know that the girls from America no longer receive any contact from the service that sent them here and Flying Cows is really good at keeping in touch even after the teachers arrive in Korea. “

Sarah M.

“I graduated from University and I had planned to spend a year or so travelling, However, 3 months down the line I found myself penniless on a homeward flight to Heathrow. I got back and started looking for jobs to save up and I saw an advert for Teaching in Korea, I was a bit dubious at first, what with the whole flying to a far away place and committing to a spending a year in a country I have never been to, besides, the deal seemed a little too good to be true, free accommodation, a decent salary and such a short working week. I decided to send off an email to Flying Cows anyway, and within hours I heard back from them, both Kate and Amanda have a lot of experience, as both teachers and as recruiters, and they said they would give me as much advice as I wanted. They gave me no pressure, impartial advice on both the Pro’s and con’s of Korea. Well, what can you say? 5 weeks later my plane landed in Seoul. That was 6 months ago. Flying cows were as good as their word. Not a single problem, paid right on time every month, good accommodation, and a 25-hour working week!”

David M.

“Flying Cows Consultancy provided fantastic support and assistance; from the moment I contacted them with the intention of becoming an English teacher in Korea, right through to hooking me up with some mates to meet up with on arrival. I’d spent a busy summer travelling around the UK, often without a phone signal and usually without any Internet access. Whenever I did find my way to civilisation, Amanda and Katie were always on hand with options and next steps. They made sense of the whole process of dealing with the various necessary bureaucracies, which otherwise would have proved to be a much more lengthy process.
Thanks guys.”

Dan M.

“I decided about 6 months before graduation that I wanted to do some more travelling, but at the same time make some money and get some real work experience. I looked at a lot of gap year programmes but for the most part you have to pay to volunteer somewhere which was not a viable option for me. Teaching abroad therefore seemed like the way forward so I started looking at programmes for teaching in Japan, Singapore and China. After searching around the internet I came across Flying Cows and their description of teaching in South Korea. I had not heard of anyone going to teach in Korea at that point and their set up seemed different from most of the other programmes I had been looking at; rather than be at the mercy of the recruiters Flying Cows puts up your information on their website where recruiters can browse around, yet you are never obliged to take any offer that is given. Rather you are the one making the decision about what job you take.
Over the following months, I found flying cows to be so much more helpful and approachable than the people from the other programmes I was corresponding with. Anytime I wanted to I could call them up and they would be happy to fill me in about the job and life in Korea. Most importantly, they were straight with me about what the situation was and whether I had a job or not, no waiting lists or anything like that. They also put me in touch with teachers who they had helped place at the school I was going to who were incredibly helpful and very honest about their experiences.
Flying Cows were also really good at helping me organise my documents and getting the visa process sorted out, as well as letting me know what to expect from their own first hand experiences teaching in Korea. I now am going into my fourth week teaching at Ding Ding Dang in Daegu, I am enjoying the job and I have met a great group of people and so far had some pretty wild adventures surfing, camping, rafting and partying down town. It’s been amazing and it has only just begun!”

Dann G.

“I first met a Flying Cows representative at a graduates job fair in Sheffield, my original plan was to go back to Australia and work over there but having spoken to a Flying Cows member who was so passionate about her time in Korea I changed my plans and sent an application to the flying cows team. The application progress was simple and easy and the team replied quickly and efficiently to any questions or concerns that I had. Currently I am working in Dae-gu, South Korea, a job which the flying cows team found for me, I found their service pleasant, friendly and effective, they guided me through the visa process, answered any questions regarding my contract that I had and regularly checked up upon my progress with the paperwork. In Korea, they ensured there was someone to meet me at my destination and offered assistance with any travel queries. All in all I am more than happy with the service they provided and am currently living my dream to travel and teach abroad.”

Darren F.

“From the first time I spoke to Amanda right through to arriving at the airport in Seoul, the service I have received from Flying Cows has been second to none. It was a bit of a daunting thought devoting a whole year of my life to teaching in South Korea but the information and support I got from Amanda and the team assured me that it was an opportunity not to be missed. The visa process looked more than a little complicated to begin with too but the team helped me through the various stages one step at a time and it all came together seamlessly. I would recommend teaching in South Korea to anyone with a desire to try something new and exciting and Flying Cows are the people to help you do it.”

Stephen H.

“I have now been in the city of Daegu in South Korea for just over a week and completely love it already. I heard about Flying Cows after picking up some leaflets at a TEFL course I did last year, I’d never particularly considered South Korea as somewhere to go teach but then I hadn’t really considered anywhere. I wanted to get away so Asia seemed like a pretty amazing place to try, the money sounded great and the simplicity of the service sounded great. Having got here, I can safely say Daegu is a pretty amazing place, the money is great and the simplicity of Flying Cows service was incredible. I had a few self-induced complications on the way like getting a job in England, not giving enough time for my CRB check to come back (it took around 6 or 7 weeks) but Flying Cows were very accommodating about everything and sorted me out with a different job that was better suited for me, they were incredibly helpful. A few weeks before I was due to go Flying Cows gave me contact details for a couple of people out here so I’ve been able to get in touch with people before I left, and since I’ve been here I’ve met up with a few other Teachers. This way of doing things has meant I got an idea of what it’d be like before I left and has also meant I’ve made some friends within a week. The only thing I was slightly concerned about were my hours – 3pm until 9pm, but as Daegu just does not seem to sleep I love these hours. I was doing my food shopping at about 9pm on Sunday night in the local supermarket, I was down shopping in the city last night at a similar time. I highly recommend South Korea and I highly recommend the using Flying Cows service to get a teaching job.”

Tim M.

“With the benefit of two years’ hindsight, I could not have worked with a better recruiter than FC. All information provided was complete and accurate, the communication was second to none, difficulties were overcome very quickly, and the job I was ultimately placed in proved to be a fantastic, unforgettable experience. It was a very positive introduction to Korea and its people, and I developed deep and lasting bonds with both my fellow foreign teachers and the native staff.

FC is my first choice when it comes to recruiters, and I greatly look forward to working with you again.”

Gavin C.