If a school is interested in interviewing you the Flying Cows Korean team will contact you by email with a summary of the job offer and an invitation for a phone or SKYPE interview with the school. Please respond to emails from the Korean team as quickly as possible.  If you don't respond pretty much immediately the school assume you are not interested and will want to interview someone else. 


Interviews usually take place between 7am and 12 noon UK time but can usually happen before working hours in the UK and during lunch times. It is best to take the call on a landline as mobile lines can be quiet or sometimes have an echo. If no landline is available schools are usually happy to call mobile numbers. Increasingly, schools prefer to have SKYPE interviews.


Interviews are often surprisingly informal and generally take 10-15 minutes. Usually the interview is with the director, a Korean teacher or a native English speaking teacher. They may ask about any relevant experience you have or why you want to teach in Korea. The interviewer is likely to ask if you have any questions. We would recommend you ask about the students, typical teaching schedules, the accommodation, the surrounding area and anything else you would like to know. Bear in mind that if you are offered the position formally you will have a chance to ask as many questions as you like before accepting the position. The interviewer has already seen your profile and is already interested in offering you a position before the interview. The interview is therefore usually an opportunity for them to gauge your enthusiasm and suitability for the job.


Here are some useful tips for a successful interview:


  • Be on time and let the interviewer know what you were expecting his/her phone call
  • Speak slowly and clearly (many Koreans are used to American English and may have difficulty understanding you if you are not American or Canadian).
  • Be enthusiastic and friendly. Smile when you are talking.
  • Don’t interrupt the interviewer
  • Use the person’s title (Mr. or Ms. and their last name.)
  • Let the interviewer know that you are serious about being a good teacher
  • Listen carefully. Let the interviewer know that you are paying attention.  The interviewer's English may not be of a very high level so it can be difficult to understand what they are saying.
  • Think before you answer. No simple answers like Yes I do or No I don’t.
  • Have your profile to hand so you can talk about your your relevant qualifications, experience and accomplishments.
  • Ask questions about the curriculum, textbooks, and teaching schedules. The interviewer needs to know that you are serious about teaching.
  • Have a pen and paper handy for taking notes.
  • Remember to say “thank you”.

Here are some examples questions you could be asked in your interview:


  • Why do you want to come to Korea?
  • Why do you want to be a teacher?
  • About your previous jobs: Name of company, position title and description, dates of employment.
  • What were your responsibilities?
  • What have you been doing since your last job?
  • Any jobs related to teaching or working with children?
  • About yourself (personality, strengths and weaknesses, philosophy and etc…)
  • How long are you planning on staying in Korea?
  • How do you/would you help motivate the students to do their best?

These are examples of what you could be asked.  However, often interviews are very short and to the point.  If your employer is very keen on your profile the interview may not last long at all!! 


If your interview has been successful Flying Cows will usually contact you within 48 hours.


Job Offers

If your interview is successful you will receive a formal job offer by email. Usually this means receiving a copy of the school's contract and receiving contact details of at least one native English speaking teacher at the school.  Get in touch with the teacher at the school as soon as you can and ask them all about the position. Here are some suggested questions:


  • What is a typical daily teaching schedule?
  • What the staff are like to work with?
  • Are the students well behaved?
  • What is there to do in your town/city?
  • What is the accommodation like?
  • Is the school well organised?


Compare your contract with a typical teaching contract in Korea (see below). If you have any questions about the contract the Korean team will pass these on to the school.


To accept a job offer contact your Flying Cows Korean Team as soon as you can. If you do not accept a position within a few days of receiving the contract (and emailing a current teacher at the school)  the school are likely to offer the position to another candidate.


Flying Cows is happy to offer advice on contracts and job offers however, we are not responsible for the content of any contract you sign or the validity of responses you receive from the schools.


Here is an example of a typical contract. We have written and highlighted notes below for your information. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


Applying for Your Visa

When you have secured a placement your visa documents must be sent to your school in Korea so they can apply for your visa. You can send these documents directly to your school using FEDEX or DHL or another similar International Courier Service which provide a tracking number and will get your documents to Korea within three days.  You will receive the school's address from our Korean team. 


Please be aware of the following:


  • Check how to write the address with a member of the Flying Cows team (Korean addresses are often written the opposite way round to how they are written in the UK)
  • Add phone numbers to the address wherever possible
  • Make sure your documents are going to the Republic of Korea (not the Democratic Peoples Republic - North Korea!).
  • Make sure you use an International Courier which will get your documents to Korea in under three days and will provide you with a tracking number.  Please Do Not use the Post Office


When your documents arrive in Korea your school will take them to the immigration office to be processed. This takes approximately 7 days. When your documents have been processed the Flying Cows Korean Korean Team will email you your Visa Confirmation Number.


Once you have your Visa Confirmation Number you need to take or send the following documents to your nearest Korean embassy:


1.Passport (valid for at least 6 months)
2.Completed E2 Visa Application Form - download form (remember to write the Visa Confirmation Number on the form)
3.One passport size photo
4.Visa Fee: £80.00. For UK residents (please check your nearest Korean embassy for country specific fees). Payable to the Korean Embassy either by cash or postal order. Cheques are not accepted
5.Completed Consulars Checklist - download form


Your visa will be ready five working days after receipt of your documents. Day 1 of processing is usually the day after the documents arrive at the embassy. It takes five working days to process the visa regardless of whether you visit the embassy in person or if you send your documents by mail. If you would like your visa returned to you by post please include a self addressed, pre-paid special delivery envelope.  


Please call the embassy to make sure your documents have arrived and to confirm the date your visa will be ready. Please let us know this date as soon as possible so we can arrange your flight and arrival details.  Please be aware that your Employer may ask you to pick up the visa in person the day it is ready and fly to Korea that night.   A small percentage of applicants will be called to the embassy for an interview before their visa is issued.


Remember:  You must take your original degree certificate with you to Korea.