Korea is full of surprises. From super high tech to ancient history, amazing food, mountain treks, beautiful national parks and fab festivals. There's so much to see and do.  A year isn't enough! Getting around Korea is really easy, quick and cheap. Make sure you make the most it!!! 


Here is a short video from the Korean Tourist Organisation.  It gives you a taste of the more traditional aspects of Korean culture including a wedding, temple visits, arts and crafts and the amazing Korean food. 


Korean Tourism Organisation - Sparkling Trip to Korea



Korea Tourism Organisation


The Korea Tourism Organisation has some great information on life in Korea. They have a fantastic Free Korea Travel Guide and a Tourist Map of Korea & Seoul and lots of great E-books


Life as an English Teacher in Korea 

For a taste of what life is like as a teacher in Korea check out this video from a teacher who taught in Korea for two years, 



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