Teaching Placements in South Korea


  • 12 Month Contracts - at the end of your contract your employer may invite you to stay longer.


  • Flights and Accommodation Provided - usually flights are paid for in advance by private academies.  Public schools reimburse flight costs on arrival in Korea. Employers pay for your accommodation but you are responsible for your own utility bills.  You may also be asked to pay a housing deposit of approximately 300,000KRW from your first wage packet.  This is to cover unpaid utility bills which come in after you leave Korea.  Once your bills have been paid your employer will transfer the remaining money to your bank account.  

  • £1000+ per month - first time teachers in Korea are usually paid between 1900,000 KRW and 2100,000 KRW.  Use this Currency Converter to work out how much this is in your own currency.


  • Up to 30 Teaching Hours Per Week - there are usually less actual teaching hours in public schools, compared to private academies but teachers are usually obliged to stay at a public school for the duration of the school day. 


  • No TEFL Necessary - having a TEFL certificate can help attract job offers from private academies as it shows employers that you are serious about teaching.  In public schools having a TEFL certificate of 120 hours or more will mean you are paid more than teachers who do not have a TEFL. Check out our TEFL pages for more information the courses we have available.


  • No Agency Fees - Teachers do not pay fees to Flying Cows for the use of the Flying Cows placement service.  Flying Cows receive a fee from schools on the successful placement of one of our teachers. 




Applicants Must: 


Be a University Graduate - three year degree minimum


Be a National of the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa or Australia - and have been educated in their native country. 


Have a Genuine Interest in Teaching - having experience of working with children either formally or informally will help to demonstrate this.


Be Willing to Respect and Adapt to Korean Culture - living in a completely different culture can be challenging!  It is important to try to understand how your colleagues think  Be aware that things may not work as they do in your home country and above all please be respectful to those around you.  Learning some Korean words and phrases demonstrates that you are genuinely interested in Korea and aren't there just to make some money.    


Be Enthusiastic, Fun Loving and Open Minded! - Ultimately the experience you have in Korea is what you choose to make it.  You can choose to dwell on frustrating details (like your class schedule being changed at the last minute!) or you can rise above it and look at the bigger picture.  Your year in Korea will pass by so quickly.  Please make the most of it.  Make friends, explore the country, be the best teacher you can be, learn the language and try to understand the culture you have become part of.  Most of all, enjoy it!!!