We have a fabulous team in China who will take care of everything you need from helping you secure a job and arranging your visa to setting you up on WeChat and helping you open a bank account. Along with other teachers you will receive academic training and a cultural orientation at the Training Centre in Hangzhou to make sure you are ready for the classroom and for life in China. When you have started teaching the academic team will visit you once a month and observe one of your classes. The team will then offer you feedback and may suggest ways to improve your teaching. All of our team members are available on WeChat so you can contact them at any time for help or advice. Our team in China is very open and approachable. They are there to help you and will welcome your questions so please feel free to ask them anything.

Bunny and Apple are our marketing consultants. They work closely with our schools and spend much of their time inspecting teachers accommodation and school facilities.

The wonderful Cindy heads up our team in China. This world traveller has many years experience of helping native English speakers get to where they need to be.

Cloris is the manager of our visa department. She is our expert in all things visa related and will be a key point of contact in getting your visa sorted out quickly and seamlessly.

Danny: Head of Marketing. Highly experiences in educational marketing in Zhejiang, China. Danny is the lead point in networking with schools across East China.

Our teacher welfare officers are Eva and Teresa. They are in charge of your orientation when you arrive in China and will help you with everything from setting up your phone to telling you how to get to where you need to be. These lovely girls are on hand to make sure you settle in quickly and easily in China.

Faye is our amazing academic manager. Among other things she reviews teaching standards and curriculum content at our schools.

You are in safe hands with Matt, our most experienced recruiter in China. He has helped hundreds of teachers secure great jobs in China and has a wealth of knowledge on everything from contracts to locations and accommodation. Please feel free to ask him anything!

Raymond has a strong background in ESL teaching and is our lead teacher trainer. Raymond makes sure you are prepared for the classroom and is on hand for teaching help and advice throughout your contract.

Yo-yo is both a recruiter and visa specialist. She loves working with teachers and is happy to answer any questions and guide you safely through the recruitment process. Yo-yo is also our lead point on visa regulations and pre-transition.