Complete our Application Form

Take 10-15 minutes to complete our application form.  Upload your cv and answer basic questions about your qualifications, motivations and your experience.  Your answers will be sent to our trusted partners in China who will screen your application.  Employers are looking for friendly, enthusiastic employees so make sure your application reflects this.


Have a Skype Interview

If your application has been successful our team in China will contact you by email and invite you to have a Skype interview. This is a chance for you to show your enthusiasm and let them see why you will be a great teacher in China.  It is also a chance for you to ask questions and find out about life as a teacher in China. We suggest you ask about; the teaching schedule, the schools, class sizes, accommodation, salaries, bonuses, getting around, setting up bank accounts, the visa process, TEFL courses and anything else that springs to mind. Your interviewer will be your guide throughout the whole process. He or she is more than happy to answer your questions so please don’t hesitate to ask anything. You can secure a job in China up to a year in advance but if you want to move quickly it can take as little as 6-8 weeks to get you there.


Typical interview questions

• How far have you travelled on your own previously and for how long? or with whom if not alone?

• How familiar are you with Chinese cities and Chinese culture?

• Have you heard of Hangzhou?

• Do your family and friends support you in the decision?

• What can you tell me about TEFL? What does the acronym mean?

• What age group of children do you naturally feel comfortable with?

• Do you have any language abilities? Are you bilingual?

• What are your main motivations for applying for this position and undertaking this role?

please grade your choices from:

…to immerse myself in another culture
…to connect with international expats
…to be sociable and party!
…learning Chinese
…to travel (China and into Asia)


Get Ready to Start Your Adventure

Now that you have decided to teach in China make sure that you have everything covered for a safe and rewarding trip. Read our FAQ and info on TEFL courses, vaccinations, travel insurance and travel safety advice.  Find out more about Flying Cows and what sets us apart from our competitors and read our teachers’ testimonials on why they recommend us.

Read what our current teachers think of living and teaching in China.