English First, Zhejiang province

Type of School: Private
Year Established: 2001
Number of teachers: 200+ half of which are international teachers
Who will contact you: James
Location(s): Hangzhou or Huzhou
Length of Contract: 15-months or 24-months
Salary range: 15,000-18,000 RMB per month after tax salary
Flight details: Reimbursement of 11,250 RMB and 18,000 RMB for the 15-month and 24-month contracts respectively
Accommodation details: Housing stipend of 3,000 RMB included as part of salary package
TEFL details: do you subsidize TEFL course costs? Full 120-hour online course provided at through a third party at a subsidized price of 55 GBP.
Bonuses: Performance bonuses of up to 2,000 RMB per quarter.
Start dates: September/October/November 2019
Student ages: 3-18
Number of students per class: Maximum of 16 students per class
Hours per week: Full-time 40 hours per week, including a maximum of 20 teaching hours (non-peak) & 26 hours (peak) + scheduled office hours
Holidays: 22 days of paid holiday (including Chinese public holidays)
Insurance: Health & Medical insurance provided
Training and orientation details: All teachers will undergo a 2-week training & onboarding program shortly after arrival. This will feature an introduction to our syllabus and materials, as well as allowing teachers the chance to observe classes, construct lesson plans and conduct demo classes in preparation for teaching their own students.
Class assistance: Teaching assistants provided for classes consisting of students aged 3-6
Curriculum: CEFR curriculum
Social activities: Monthly EF Community events, individual school teambuilding activities, Annual General Meeting, Christmas Lunch

Career path:

Teacher > Associate Senior Teacher > Senior Teacher > Associate Director of Studies > Director of Studies

Additional information:
Airport pickup
Visa support + fixed reimbursement
Logistics support in helping to find and secure either individual or shared accommodation
Assistance in setting up a local bank account
Weekly 1-hour Chinese lessons
Monthly community events
Quarterly school teambuilding events
Weekly training seminars
Quarterly hub training
Two free-of-charge Cambridge accredited TKT’s per year. (Teacher Knowledge Tests)

EF’s ideal teachers are:
energetic, dynamic and passionate towards to teaching. Successful candidates are hardworking and well-organized when it comes to lesson planning and administration. Teaching experience is not required, but the applicant must be adaptable, resilient and be able to deal with the challenges of moving to a new and fast-paced environment.

My name is Jessica, and I’m from the UK. Alongside studying my Bachelor degree at Lancaster University, I participated in a 3-week cultural exchange in Malaysia. This involved teaching English at a Summer Camp in a rural part outside the city. After completion, I underwent a TEFL qualification to enable me to teach English in another part of Asia. After completing my Masters degree at Newcastle University, I wanted to build up my confidence and self-awareness through teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Hangzhou seemed like the right choice for me. I am very familiar with city life, but this city cannot be compared to anything I’ve seen before. The mixture of contemporary buildings as well as traditional architecture made it particularly attractive. Travelling around the city is also very simple, as well as travelling to different parts of the country in order to meet new people and learn new things. I have definitely made the most of my teaching journey so far, and it has been an unforgettable experience. Working for Education First has been challenging yet rewarding in so many ways; it has not only allowed me to learn and grow individually, but my students have followed and grown alongside me.