Wie China, Guangdong province

Length of Contract: 11 months
Salary range: 14000 – 25000 RMB/month
Flight details: 5000 RMB reimbursed (varies and can be paid upfront)
Accommodation details: free or monthly allowance
TEFL details: Required. Not subsidised
Start dates: September 2019 to July 2020
Student ages: any
Hours per week: 18 teaching hours per week plus 15 office hours
Holidays: All Chinese public holidays. Winter and summer vacation unpaid
Insurance: provided
Training and orientation details: provided, unpaid
Curriculum: provided

Additional information:
Wie China have over 16 years’ experience in education. They are dedicated to improving the Chinese school system and foster a more Globalized Chinese society. Wie China recruits all year round for kindergartens, primary, middle and high schools and universities in Guangdong and Guizhou provinces. They have a well-developed initial and on-going training programme. Schools provided Weekly online Mandarin classes for beginners and experts of the Chinese language.

Wie China’s ideal teachers are:
honest, hardworking, responsible, mature, have excellent communication skills, easy going, desire to learn about new cultures, and energetic.