Complete an Application Form

It takes 5-10 minutes to complete our application form. You will be asked questions about your location preferences, your motivation, and your experiences.

If you meet the selection criteria your profile will go live on our Available Teachers page. You will be contacted by our Korean team as soon as any schools are interested in your profile. They will send you the school details and will help you arrange an interview. Schools tend to recruit 1-2 months before they want a teacher to begin teaching. They will only interview people who have started gathering their visa application documents or who have them ready. Please follow these instructions when gathering your visa application documents.

We cannot guarantee that you will receive a job offer from a school in Korea but having your visa application documents ready, or almost ready will help!


Skype or Telephone Interview

The interview for a Korean job differs from school to school. In general, they take around 10-15 minutes and are quite informal. Having reviewed your profile schools often just want to know that you are enthusiastic about living and working in Korea and that they can understand you. Interviews are usually conducted by a senior member of either the Korean staff or the native English-speaking staff.

They may ask about any relevant experience you have or why you want to teach in Korea.
The interviewer is likely to ask if you have any questions. We would recommend you ask about the students, typical teaching schedules, the accommodation, the surrounding area and anything else you would like to know. Bear in mind that if you are offered the position formally you will have a chance to ask as many questions as possible.

Here are some tips for a successful interview:

Be on time

• Speak slowly and enunciate clearly

• Don’t interrupt the interviewer

• Use the person’s title (Mr. or Ms. And their last name)

• Make a conscious effort to sound upbeat and enthusiastic

• Smile – this will project a positive image to the listener

• Listen carefully – let the interviewer know that you are paying attention

• No one word answers

• Show that you are interested in teaching – ask questions about the students, textbooks etc…

• Keep your cv handy to refer to

• Be polite and enthusiastic

Sample Interview Questions

• Why do you want to come to Korea?

• Are you enthusiastic about teaching?

• Tell me about your previous work experience

• What challenges or problems have you faced at work or in life?

• Tell me about yourself (personality, strengths and weaknesses, philosophy etc…

• How long are you planning on staying in Korea?

• Tell me about your teaching methodology – if you have previous teaching experience

• How do you think you will cope living in a completely different country?

• What is the most important to you when you live other country?

• How will help motivate the students to do their best?

• Are you a team player?


Talk to Current Teachers

If you are offered the position the school our Korean team will send you the school’s contract and at least one email address of a current native English-speaking teacher at the school – where possible. Feel free to ask any questions about the contract and ask the current teacher about typical life as a teacher at that school. We recommend you ask about the staff, the students, typical teaching schedules, the accommodation, the location and anything else you can think of. We only work with schools who are transparent and who agree to answer all your questions so please feel free to ask.


Start your wonderful adventure

Now you just need to pack your bags, make sure your vaccinations are up to date, think about taking a TEFL course (if you don’t already have one), sort out your travel insurance and get on that plane!

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